Transform Your Internet Business In Every Way Using Optimization Testing

One error some web internet marketers make is they neglect to test their many websites. Ask any seasoned web marketer, and you are going to hear the same thing every time. Testing is powerful and versatile due to the range of applicability to be observed with it. There are a lot of places where testing can be valuable such as your homepage, primary article pages, sales letter copy, squeeze pages and other things. Each and every element of a site page, such as the headline, can likewise be individually tested. Since the basic testing operation involves A/B split testing, there will be no issues with it. Keep on reading and you will find out more about testing your sites plus utilizing tracking.

There are a number of important factors to consider before you get started with testing your copy. The other part of testing is tracking the people who visit your website or whatever you are testing. You need to know every time a a web surfer clicks through one of your links on the page you are testing. However, the squeeze page is another thing altogether because you can tell how many optins you generate compared to the number of website visitors. Not a few people enjoy using Google Analytics for their tracking for the reason that it is robust and free.

Testing is critical because no person in the world creates the highest converting copy with their first final draft. Designs for landing or squeeze pages and websites frequently are not as optimized as they could be, also. Unbelievably, but professional copywriters oftentimes do not get it right with any new piece of copy. Obviously, there is just a single path to betterment which is testing and tracking. While we do not genuinely know, but we suspect numerous people simply do not wish to be bothered.

The most simplistic approach to testing a squeeze page, for instance, is to make use of a simple URL rotator script. Nearly all, if not all, URL rotator scripts come with instructions, and they actually are not tough to use. After you have created a second page with the change to be tested, then you use FTP to upload the pages to your website host and are ready to test. Since every website visitor will view a different version of that page, you will need to make one change to it. Testing only one item is essential because you have to know what created any converision rate deviations. Taguchi multivariate testing is an effective tool for testing as many as two dozen variables at one time, but that is another story.

ently. With the module of Joomla Instant Messenger, you will get seamless integration of the Web Messenger and your existing Joomla database. After the successful integration, your Joomla users may access the web messenger without reentering their username and password again. Web Messenger Features Facebooklike Messenger Bar Add Advertising, Custom Logo Change Skin Windows Desktop Client Friend List Video Chat Chat Invitation One on One chat File Transfer Full featured user interface Integration Powerful Java Chat Server TroubleFree Users integrated Users of your Joomla can be fully integrated to IM. Single signon No separate login is required.
Impress your website visitors and convert them into happy and loyal customers.FlexyTalk integrates with your current IM app and mobile phone. Start generating those sales now New CDN Enabled All content served by FlexyTalk is distributed around datacenters around the world New Automatic pop up chat widget The widget will popup after seconds on a page showing a greeting message and inviting the user to chat New Clickable links on widget Just send a qualified URL as a chat message and the widget displays a clickable link New Sound Alerts New Displays an apologize if the agent waits too long to accept a chat request New Improved Chat Request FlexyTalk will ask you if you want to accept the chat request. The user will see a progress bar indicator New Eye catching D agents on toolbar Display an agent image above the toolbar. Select gender and size of the agent image. New Toggle OFFLINEONLINE Chat toolbar When a new visitor enters your site, FlexyTalk checks your availability status and show onlineoffline messages New GRAVATAR Integration Let the visitors know who they are chatting with. Display your picture, current location and a brief text about you. Fill you profile at http New FACEBOOK Integration You are a few clicks away from bringing our live chat solution to your FACEBOOK fan page. Maximize Facebooks potential for new sales and leads. FREE PLAN After registering for a free trial account, you can enjoy all the functions of FlexyTalk within minutes. The free plan is activated automatically when your trial period has expired, and you dont buy one of the paid plans. No credit card or any payment information needed to signup for the free trial account. Afer the trial, your free account never expires. It includes operator concurrent chat Unlimited Chats Optional free FlexyIM account Cloud based Distributed network over data centers around the world No chat dashboards needed You chat right on any IM app. GMAILGTALK compatible chat within gtalk gmail Beware, Google Hangouts does NOT work JABBERXMPP compatible user your current jabber account with any IM client to chat GOOGLE APPS Domains compatible needs some DNS configuration Tutorial Mobile phone compatible use any free IM app on your phone to connect to your IM account Contact form when youre offline messages sent to your email address Show your picture and profile from GRAVATAR Tutorial Automatic pop up chat widget The widget will popup after seconds on a page showing a greeting message and inviting the user to chat Clickable links on widget Just send a qualified URL as a chat message and the widget displays a clickable link Displays an apologize if the agent waits too long to accept a chat request Sound alerts Insta
Chat Factory is a powerful Ajax based live chat extension for Joomla that will integrate Facebook GMail like chat into Joomla Websites. Think of it like having an instant messenger only for your website. The main frontend features of Chat Factory are users can enabledisable the chat system no need to register users can chat as guests if enabled by administrator showhide offline users from users list only for registered users registered users can block chat messages from guests user avatars users can upload their own avatar, use Communitys Builder avatar if enabled, or use no avatar at all only for registered users ignore list block messages from individual users only for registered users friends list only for registered users possibility to share a message only for registered users possibility to change status available, busy, invisible only for registered users implemented emoticons, buzz minimize chat windows and preserve position when navigating through the site only for registered users quick search only for registered users advertisement area On the backend the chat extension for Joomla has the following main features emoticons management administrators can add as many emoticons as they want advertisements management IM ads on login or on specific interval allowed groups select the groups that are allowed to chat Community Builder integration enabledisable set refresh interval of user list, new messages and new friendship requests to reduce server load spam protection set the maximum number of messages users can send per minute. FURTHER DETAILED INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE ON THE PRODUCT HOMEPAGE FOR OLDER JOOMLA VERSIONS PRODUCTS OF THIS EXTENSION CHECK OUR PRODUCT PAGES PLEASE
Social chat is a module for Joomla allows you to manage a chat. The module has no configuration, once installed it is already running. Also it is not essential to set a template position, because social chat will always appear at the bottom right in the monitor, even if scrolleremo the page. It was decided to conceive it as a module, and not as a plugin because then we could simply allow block the display of chat in certain pages of the site. Social chat is very simple and intuitive for your users, it will appear in a small portion of the screen in a rectangular box where you can see the number of users connected at that time. A side we find the symbol of a gear that will allow us to change our status among those available online, busy, offline and in addition we have a button that allows us to enter in the town where we can see all the conversations with various users. If you click on the main pane social chat we can see in detail what users are connected and their status, by clicking on it we can open a new window where you can chat with them. In realtime the user opens a window into your message. If you have any doubts, questions, improvements or malfunction, do not hesitate to contact me
Boutique HTML Chatroom with Style RumbleTalk HTML chat plugin let website owners add a custom chat to their website with facebook and twitter integration and mobile reach. A site owner can choose their own chat theme from a variety of ready made themes and even design their own theme. Features Add the same chat to website, blog or facebook pageAdd the same chat to your facebook page http . Chat from anywhere Laptop Smart phones and Tablets. Single signon, spam filter, archive and much more. See minute movie http
Add chat to your site X Fast chat is an easy to use and flexible Joomla chat plugin. X Fast chat looks similar to Facebooks chat feature. It helps you build a great sense of community around your site by letting your users chat with each other in realtime.
Most engaging chat widget on Joomla used by over , websites. Make your website more interactive and engaging by installing this widget. Users can chat using there favorite clients to chat with theirs friends
Universal AjaxChat is a Joomla.joomla. Chat component. This component has been developed to be fast, efficient and secure fully compatible with every joomla authentication systems such as Community Builder, joomsocial, joomunity ... Universal AjaxChat is perfect for community sites, radio sites, online TV sites, and sites of companies where they need a powerful chat tools secure, fast, easy to use and to be customized by nondevelopers Key features Easy Installation Usable as shoutbox Multiple Chat rooms Private messaging between members Private chat rooms Invitation System Ability to ban users List of online users with user menu Managing Emoticons Smilies An easy way to add custom emoticons from administration BBCode The clickable links Splitting long texts to preserve the appearance of the cat Fight against the Flood Possibility to delete messages inside the chat Simple interface with ability to add custom commands for admins Ability to enable disable the invitation of users Possibility of access for nonmembers Multilingual languages autodetecting the browser configuration Several styles Chat window to fit browser window with included styles Customizing Easy layout with style sheets CSS and template system Compliant XHTML . strict Accepts any input text, including code and special characters Saving bandwidth Compatible with all existing authentication systems Joomla, Community Builder, Jomsocial, Joomunity .... A highly secure, developed to prevent code injection, SQL injection, Crosssite scripting XSS, flights and other attacks Sessions Tested successfully with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and Konqueror designed to work with all modern browsers Requirements Server side PHP MySQL Client side EnableJavaScript Cookies enabled UAC .. This version fixes a php error when activating the module shoutbox Emoticons are available via a popup window, in this way you can add many emoticons without touching the design of your chat
May , Ajax chat . available. Simple, clean and easy to use graphical user interface. Chat and private messages system. Variable chat window height. Fully customizable templatesCSS. styles available now. Multiple language translations. Chat in multiple rooms. Unlimited number of chatrooms. Server time offset. Using pure http or https, with no firewall issues for your chatters. Jomsocial and Community Builder avatar integration. Display chat andor private messages. Display username, fullname or both. Suggestion box search user by username or fullname Public and private messages in chat. Variable text color. Clear messages from the screen. Filter messages. SMS service. Payments. Support Jomsocial . Support Joomla ..X..X..X..X
Chatix is the new instant messaging for Joomla Very simple, it allows you to chat with your friends like the Facebook Chat Compatible with Joomla Users Community Builder Jomsocial Features Talk with friends only or discuss with all connected users, including your friends Very simple style sheet to change Your avatar can be displayed in the chat Displaying the date and time of message Tabbed browsing to move discussions discussions Languages English French
FreiChat is a FREE webbased chat program for your website similar to the one provided by Facebook and Google Chat. FreiChat automatically integrates with your sites login, friends list, avatars, links as well as status updates. But FreiChat has much more, with its unique UX and features, your visitors will be encouraged to socialize and interact, which will make them stay on your website for a long time and will also help bring in new visitors. You too can Interact with your visitors to drive up sales or give them quick tips. Features Easy installation Avatar support Chatrooms sendreceive files savesend conversation facebook like chatbar Minimize and close chat boxes Able to chat even while you browse different pages. Option for username or nickname smiley supportBBcode similar to kunena url to clickable url support support for wordwrap WYSIWYG Theming Also Integrates with JomSocial,CB,CBE or Custom.
This component allows you to create a chat feature for your site, with microphone and camera support, as easily as creating a new menu item. The chatroom will have prefilled the nickname of the user that has logged in to your site and its appearance and features are fully customizable from Joomlas backend.
BlastChat is a live communication hosting service designed for website communities from the smallest personal websites to the huge megasites who desire to provide their members and visitors with a live online communication experience. Four interfaces Bar, Chat, Shout and Mobile. Implemented as a Web . application and hosted on our servers, BlastChat delivers fast and reliable communication solution to your website without heavy load on your server, without worries about bandwidth and with no system level administration needs on your end. You do not have to be a computer programmer or system administrator to implement professional chat. BlastChat installs in minutes, requires no coding on your part and your chat rooms can be up and running TODAY BlastChat is the perfect solution for general community chatting, online moderated interviews or teaching sessions, customer support or any other use you might need, whether you need to communicate with a single person or hundreds. More about BlastChat features can be found at our homepage.
VideoWhisper Way Video Chat is a premium, web based, high definition, PP video communication software designed for instant on online video conferencing. Its a solution for conducting easy to setup face to face meetings without leaving your office or home. Its the easiest and most costeffective way to meet somebody and discuss one on one. The free version can be downloaded for testing and limited use. VideoWhisper Way Video Chat component for Joomla provides an advanced interface for creating and managing way video chat rooms. VideoWhisper Way Video Chat module for Joomla will list public rooms and rooms owned by current logged in user. Rooms can be created, edited, deleted with multiple options, including resolution and framerate, bandwidh, usage limitations like credits that can be assigned for custom durations daily, monthly. This could be used for setting up paid services offer way video chat rooms to salesmen, sales companies, call centers. Latest versions include PP support, codec configuration H, Speex, Nellymoser, acoustic echo cancellation if supported by client. The free version has some limitations and ads but otherwise works the same as the full version. The component is developed using MVC model view controller for Joomla and same extensions work on Joomla ., ., ., . . Also supports JomSocial groups if component is available. Joomla integration features Backend Features Setup parameters, create and manage all rooms including permissions and room templates. Front End Features List latest public rooms users rooms, create room from template, manage settings for own rooms. All PHP integration source code is provided under GPL. INSTALLATION Full details about the integration component and installation here http REQUIREMENTS This advanced software requires types of hosting a regular phpmysql web hosting plan for the regular website features youprobably have that if you have joomla installed and a special plan usually on a different special server for video streaming and other instant communication required between chat clients. You need of these to run the interactive and streaming part of the software Red, Wowza or Adobe Flash Media Server. See the software requirements page on our site for more details. Red is free and open source but you need a VPS or Dedicated Server with root access to install it. If youre not into these technical details you can also find this type of hosting with management services on our site or from other providers.
Banter offers rooms, saved transcripts, and easyfileuploads for live realtime discussion between team members along with easy client interaction through the Guest Access option and mobile access through a beautiful responsive design making it possible to join a room from anywhere Live Chats With the Banter model you can now hold discussions among an unlimited number of team members and business partners directly on your website and in realtime. No more email headaches, missed IM conversations and oneonone discussions that have to be repeated with other members of your company. Sounds notify you when a new message has been entered but can be disabled if necessary. Banter provides rooms with a variety of access levels Public access for all loggedin users, Member Only access by invitation only, or Key access with a key phrase. Upload files into your room by simply dragging them from your desktop into your browser window or by using the upload button. Files are displayed inline with your messages as well as in the files list on the right hand side. And lastly, you can star items to easily find them in the future. Locked Rooms Any room can be locked quickly and securely. A locked room allows no one else to enter the room regardless of other permissions unless they are an Admin user. While in a locked room no discussions or files are saved to the transcript and everything is considered offtherecord. Guest Access Banter lets you bring a client into a room easily through a guest link. When the guest link is enabled simply send the client the link and they will be asked to enter a name and then allowed immediate access to the room. Guests will not see any chats, discussions, or files that were added before they joined the room, similar to a real conference room. Stored Transcripts All rooms and discussions store transcripts for you to quickly find things again. Starred items are automatically displayed for each transcript along with any files attached to the discussion or chat. Chatsearching is an easy way to search across your rooms and discussions to find a specific word or phrase. CRM Integration Banter seamlessly integrates with CRMery so you can attach a room to a particular lead, contact, company or deal. When in the room you can jump to your CRM record for review or update. When in CRMery you are able to see all rooms associated with that record and all transcripts linked to that individual or company
Universal AjaxChat light is a Joomla . Chat extension compatible with many joomla authentication system. This component is a solution for the websites that need a powerful chat system which is secure and fast. It can be easily customized by a non professional webmasters too. By Using this version you can get an idea of the main features of the paid version. This Extension has limitations Only supports simultaneous users predefined chatroom with access levels public, registred, special No possibility to add your own chatroom in backend No possibility to add your own emoticons in backend No possibility to access the logging interface discussion archives Link back to our site in frontend Three chatroom public chatroom accessible by nonmembers registred chatroom accessible by registered users Special chatroom accessible by superadmin super user and all other features of the paid version frontend. Note No support is included with this release
ActiveHelper LiveHelp is a powerful Live Chat Server component for Joomla. Interact with your website visitors through a real time chat communication providing a higher level customer and sales support. Monitor in real time your website visitors. Know how many visitors are in the website, who referred, where are from, what keywords we reused to find the website and the visitors navigation history. Know decisive information of your website visitors patterns, conversations and agents service. Geo Location based on IP to location for the visitors on your website. See the visitors hometown map. Run the Live Help on your web server having control over your data and many domains that you have. The ActiveHelper LiveHelp Server is UTF multi language. The Live Chat system is translated to English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, French, Czech, Swedish, Norwegian, Turkey, Farsi, Greek, Hebrew, SerboCroatian, Russian , Hungarian ,Dutch, Finnish, Danish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese , Arab, Polish , Bulgarian, Slovak , Croatian , Lithuanian, Romanian, Slovenian and Estonian. Unlimited Operators Unlimited Departments Unlimited Domains Multi Language Support Full UTF Support SSL Support Joomla User Recognition Joomla Menu Item Status Indicator Country Restriction Chat Rebranding Image for each agent Multi Language Joomla admin panel Realtime Chats Multiple Chat Requests Auto Save Transcripts Capture Visitor Data Chat Queue Line Chat Between Agents Offline Messages Disable chat module in Offline mode Record Offline Messages Send Transcription to the Visitor Ratings Transfer Chats Visitors Tracking Visitors Navigation History Proactive Chat Invitations Proactive Messages Auto start invitation Disable Invitation Redirect URL offline form Website Push Typing status notifications Pre typed Responses Send Links Images JavaScript Sound Visual Alerts Smiles Images Operator Rating Summarize System activity Support Statistics Geo Location based on IP Google Analytic integration. OnlineOffline status images Proxy support Multi Language Images Support Panel desktop for Windows and MAC Support panel mobile for iPhoneiPad Support panel mobile for Android Support panel mobile for BlackBerry PlayBook Customizable Look Feel
Microed Rapidchat, one x multilingual audio and videconference About Microed RapidChat Microed Rapidchat for Joomla implements audio and video chat betwen joomla administrator and users. Chat modes Admin Mode in Admin Mode Administrator presence is mandatory, Administrator can share your camera Presentation Mode in Presentation Mode Administrator presence is mandatory, Administrator can share your camera andor desktop share User Mode in User Mode Administrador presence is not mandatory, camera is shared by all users conference Configurations Joomla Users Integration Uses joomla site users authentication Chat Room Name Define chat room name Logo Define logo Users Aceppt Registered or guest users Facebook Integration Accept facebook users as guests Languages Define language languages, more languages soon Colors Define colors skins Instalation Download Unzip Copy rapidchat.php to your Joomla . Root Path Install ModMicroedRapidChat Module Define module parameters In Microed Rapidchat go to Tab Users and choose Joomla Site Users
Free Live Chat Software for your Joomla. My Live Chat plugin for Joomla provides an easy way to integrate your Joomlapowered website with the Live Chat solution. My LiveChat is a fast, high performance and most userfriendly live chat solution. It allows you to live chat with website visitors, monitor site traffic, and analyze visitors web activities, including their search engine and keyword usage. It only takes a few minutes Insert a simple piece of HTML code into your webpage and you are all set. Talk to your website visitors. Increase sales and improve customer service. Start right now
This module provides a video chat for your Joomla installation. The chat is fully hosted, adsupported free, with a single room exclusive to the sites domain. The module adds a block where a user can enter his age and gender and start the chat. The appearance of the chat itself is configurable. Multiple sites can be set up to share the same room. The video chat application and hosting is provided by Moderator access to your room is also possible, but for the moment only through Camamba itself.
Increase your sale and conversion rate with live chat on your website. Give your customers the human touch with the reassuring and satisfying return to persontoperson customer service that only live chat can provide. And not only that, tests have shown that human engagement through a live chat can have a positive effect on sales and conversions. The insanely simple copy and paste installation will have you live in less than minutes. The easytouse HelpOnClick chat widget not only gives you the power of real time traffic monitoring, but will also have your customers asking the questions and getting the help they need. Main website http Take the product tour http Joomla screenshots and guide http Main benefits Convert visitors into happy customers Increase sales and conversion rate Real time traffic monitoring Super easy to install Cam girl strips - Video Dailymotion. 8edae5a8f
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Freecamsexposed turkiye e52353ed GRqTrerpo76 By tradition, the local rulers offices, or diwans, maintained the practice of reviewing many types of criminal and civil offenses before cases were referred to prosecutors, reviewing sentences passed by judges, returning cases to the court on appeal, and approving the release of every prisoner whose sentence has been completed. The diwans involvement, usually when cases involve parties from two different emirates or a citizen and noncitizen, can lead to lengthy delays prior to and following the judicial process, including by lengthening time served in prison. The diwans decision in any court case is considered final, and in the case of disagreement between a judge and diwan i.e. the local ruler, the diwans decision prevails. Because diwans report to the minister of the interior, there is often no functional separation between the executive and judicial branches.
There is a dual court system. Sharia courts adjudicate criminal and family law matters based on each emirates interpretation of Sharia. Civil courts adjudicate civil law matters and generally are part of the federal system, except in the Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Ras alKhaimah emirates. They were accountable to the Federal Supreme Court, which has the power of judicial review as well as original jurisdiction in disputes between emirates or between the federal government and individual emirates. The emirates of Dubai and Ras alKhaimah have their own local and appellate courts, which have jurisdiction over matters within their territories that the constitution and federal legislation do not specifically reserve for the federal system. The emirates of Dubai and Ras alKhaimah did not refer cases in their courts to the federal Supreme Court for judicial review, although they maintained a liaison with the federal Ministry of Justice. In December the president, in his capacity as ruler of Abu Dhabi, issued a law to restructure the judicial department in Abu Dhabi to become independent from the federal Ministry of Justice, similar to Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah courts.
Each emirate administered Sharia courts. In some emirates these courts considered all types of civil and commercial cases as well as criminal cases and family matters. They acted in accordance with their interpretation of Sharia but were required to answer to the federal Supreme Court, with the exception of the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Ras alKhaimah. In criminal cases Sharia was applied first, and if evidence required by Sharia was found insufficient, the penal code was used. Dubai had a special Shia council to act on matters pertaining to Shia family law.
Approximately percent of federal judges were noncitizen Arabs, whose mandates were subject to periodic renewal by the government. In contrast, judicial positions held by citizens were permanent and subject to termination only for specific reasons set out in the Judicial Authority Law. The percentage of citizens serving as public prosecutors and judges, particularly at the federal level, continued to increase. Although each emirate varied, approximately percent of public prosecutors were citizens. There were citizen prosecutors in the country and noncitizen prosecutors.
The constitution does not provide accused persons the right to a timely trial but does provide the right to a fair, public trial. Juries are not used.
Defendants have a limited right to legal counsel. Under the Criminal Procedures Code, the defendant has a right to request governmentprovided counsel in all cases involving a capital crime or possible life imprisonment, regardless of whether the defendant is financially able to hire counsel. The government may provide counsel, at its discretion, to indigent defendants charged with felonies punishable by imprisonment of three to years. The Penal Procedures Law states that defense counsel may be present during any investigation but only at the prosecutors discretion. Defense counsel was provided with access to relevant governmentheld evidence. Defendants and their attorneys can present witnesses and question witnesses against them.
Defendants were presumed innocent until proven guilty. Except for national security cases and cases deemed by the judge to be harmful to public morality, all trials were public. By law, all prosecutions were conducted in Arabic. The defendant had a procedural right to a translator. In some cases involving deportation of illegal residents, translation was provided only at sentencing.
Each court system has an appeals process. Death sentences may be appealed to the ruler of the emirate in which the offense is committed or to the president of the federation. In the case of murder, only the victims family may commute a death sentence. The government normally negotiates with victims families for the defendant to offer financial compensation, diya, in exchange for forgiveness and a commuted death sentence.
In cases in which a defendant is acquitted, the prosecutor may appeal the acquittal to a higher court. The higher court may receive additional evidence. An appellate court must reach unanimous agreement to overturn an acquittal.
NonMuslims who are tried for criminal offenses in Sharia courts can receive civil penalties at the discretion of the judge. Sharia penalties imposed on nonMuslims can be overturned or modified by a higher court.
The military has its own court system. Military tribunals try only military personnel. National security cases are heard solely by the Supreme Court.
There were no reports of political detainees or prisoners however, there were persons reportedly held incommunicado and without charge. It is unknown why they were detained. There were no updates in the cases of at least four such individuals whom some human rights groups claimed were political prisoners.
Access to courts for the purpose of seeking damages for, or cessation of, human rights violations was available. The civil courts, like all courts in the country, lacked full independence. There were also administrative remedies available for labor complaints. This was particularly common in cases of physical abuse of domestic workers.
The constitution prohibits entry into homes without the owners permission, except when police present a warrant in accordance with the law however, there were credible reports that security forces sometimes failed to obtain warrants. Officers actions in searching premises were subject to review, and officers were liable to disciplinary action if their actions were judged to be irresponsible. During the year there were instances in which police officers failed to obtain warrants these cases were transferred to the public prosecutors office . Local custom and practices place a high value on privacy. A female police officer was required to be present during the search of a private home when male family members were absent.
Authorities did not commonly screen private correspondence however, there have been reports of censorship of incoming international mail.
Family matters for Muslims were governed by the local Sharia courts. Muslim women were forbidden to marry nonMuslims. In such cases, both parties can be arrested and tried and the couple is separated. However, Muslim men were free to marry all women of the book, i.e., Muslim, Christian, and Jewish women.
The constitution provides for freedom of speech and of the press however, the government restricted these rights in practice. The government drafts all Friday sermons in mosques and censors private association publications. Criticism of rulers was prohibited as are acts that may create or encourage social unrest. Journalists and editors practiced extensive selfcensorship.
The Press and Publications Law covers all print and electronic media and book publishing. It governs content, requires that publications be licensed, and provides for prosecution of violations under the penal code. The law authorizes censorship of domestic and foreign publications before distribution and contains a list of proscribed subjects criticism of the government, ruling families, and friendly governments, as well as other statements that threaten social stability. Government officials reportedly warned journalists when they published material deemed politically or culturally sensitive.
On September , Vice President and Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid alMaktoum ordered that journalists no longer be imprisoned for violating the Press and Publications Law. All other punishments for violations remained in force.
By law the National Media Council NMC, appointed by the president, licenses all publications. The council was informed of the appointment of editors and was responsible for issuing press credentials to editors. According to the council and Dubai police officials, journalists were not given specific publishing instructions. However, journalists, many of whom were noncitizens, practiced extensive selfcensorship regarding what issues they chose to cover. The ministry relied on editors and journalists discretion to refrain from publishing potentially problematic material.
Between February and May , the NMC provided a threemonth grace period to allow all media firms to adjust their legal status according to the Press and Publications Law.


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military are stationed around the world right now and it is very disturbing to contemplate their peril and to reflect on the political reasons for why they are risking their lives. Often it makes me feel guilty to sit at home, to go to the beach, or do any of the number of things I do in my easy life. I always make sure to keep our troops in my prayers. A few minutes ago I came across this article written by a US soldier and found it very important, troubling, and touching. Please read it if you have a chance.


I am in the lobby of the hotel where Ive been staying this past week. This is my last day here. Tonight I will be switching to a different hotel where I will have Internet access in my room. Finally I can begin posting in the members area again and actually doing a little bit of other work since I wont have to worry about anyone looking over my shoulder and seeing naked photos while Im using my laptop.

My trip out here to Miami has had both pleasant and unsettling moments. Quite often OK, almost all the time I found myself thinking about past relationships and various things I have screwed up in my life. At some point it hit me that most of my relationships failed because I approached them with too much urgency, the same urgency with which I have approached my career and everything else in my life. My feardriven determination has enabled me to make a living in a tough business all these years. I have no family and nowhere to turn if I fail so Ive made sure to keep the money flowing. Many times I have heard people refer to the easy money that can be earned in the adult industry. There is no easy money here. Trust me. I chose to be a part of this business and I dont regret it, but I and everyone else in this industry who has had any longevity have dealt with a bunch of crap. Photographers, directors, and strip club customers started telling me that I was old, fat, and ugly when I was eighteen years old. Yeah, I heard compliments too, but the flattery and insults began morphing into one big blob of bullshit many years ago. I have trouble believing anything that anyone says anymore.

In years past exboyfriends would often ask me Why cant you just relax I just couldnt. At every moment I was preparing myself for the day when no one would hire me anymore and I could no longer make any money dancing. The clock was ticking. I religiously worked out every day, bought real estate, and invested in the stockmarket while I waited for the axe to fall. Any day could be my last day although I wasnt really sure how I would know it was the last day. It just seemed that I could not waste time doing anything other than working, working out, or worrying about my nebulous future. Relaxation did not fit into my agenda.

I had a few longterm relationships and I drove my boyfriends crazy by overanalyzing everything, constantly looking for any sign or nuance in their behavior that would indicate that they were sick of me. Oh, they got sick of me all right. My allencompassing, unrelenting state of anxiety must have infected their psyches too. It must have sucked to hang out with someone who was constantly bracing herself for The Last Day of her career and The Last Day of her romantic relationship. I examined everything with manic scrutiny, ever vigilant for the inevitable harbingers of doom that would signal the demise of my relationship and the death of my career. This past week I finally realized that my neurotic fixations have caused two things to happen in my life

Constantly looking for problems has enabled me to earn a nice living for myself because I take steps to correct the problems that I do find and thus I remain prosperous.

Constantly looking for problems has screwed up almost every romantic relationship in my life because I create a maelstrom of anxiety that never subsides regardless of how much reassurance my partner tries to give me.

What enables me to make money is precisely what pushes people away from me. How did I get this old without figuring it out sooner Im perpetually looking for problems so I can solve them. I had some good relationships but I was always anticipating the worst and trying to find issues that probably did not even exist. All those years I was just trying too darned hard because thats what I thought that I needed to do. So what lead to my realizing all this while walking on the beach in Miami Well, I was thinking about a friend of mine. She also works in the adult industry. This woman is beautiful, sexy, successful financially, and almost always alone. Like me she has no family and is completely selfreliant. I used to think that men shied away from her because she is so independent. Then a few days ago I started to realize that the issue is probably something completely different. She tries to force stuff. Her intensity and determination are obvious from the time you meet her. Those qualities enable her to make a lot of money, but I think they also scare people off. She just tries too hard to make people like her and then becomes quietly hateful towards them if they dont react how she wants them to. I think I do the same thing and its not a good way to go through life.

Today is Easter Sunday and I will be sitting in a hotel room eating pizza by myself. I could have been home with friends in LA, but solitude seems more fitting right now. I feel very peaceful after writing this and I am not sad. Over and over and over throughout the years people have advised me to relax and enjoy life and to sit back and let good things come. I used to think they were crazy, but Im starting to realize that my life would be richer if I would stop compulsively overanalyzing my relationships with others and trust in the notion that I will attract good people. In fact, I am blessed to have several wonderful, very close friends. The future looks bright and I no longer will spend my time worrying about The Last Day of my career or The Last Day of any relationship. I can run adult websites even if I am old and gray and I will eventually settle down with someone until I am old and gray. My goal is to make this The Last Day of chronic anxiety.

Happy Easter to all and may God Bless our troops who are serving our country all over the world.

This morning I woke up around am or so. I had already slept for eight hours, but I wanted to stay in bed. My mind was trying to untangle something, but I had no idea what it was. I drifted off to sleep again, feeling relaxed and hoping my dreams would illuminate whatever I needed to know. At some point later I dreamt that I was in a messy, cluttered house. All of a sudden I saw my beloved white kitty Samantha who passed on in frolicking with a dog. I could not get her to come to me. She looked good, larger than ever with a healthylooking coat. Something appeared odd about a section of her body near one of her hind legs. I tried calling to her and attempted to get closer to her so I could examine her and see if she was injured. She kept running with the darkcolored dog and then vanished somewhere in the house. At that point I became aware that my dear friend Al who passed on last November was coming to see me. I saw him approach the house through the window. He peered through the same window into the room where I was standing with a great deal of anticipation. He could not yet see me, but I knew he was very, very much looking forward to it. He rang the doorbell and I went to answer it. When I opened the door he and I looked at each other with great affection and meaning. We both smiled and then hugged each other. I woke up after that and looked at the clock. It was nearly am this morning.

A friend of mine has a book about dream interpretation. Months ago I had a dream about my dog Shelby. I think she has probably passed on, but Im not sure. She lived with me and my exboyfriend many years ago and he kept her after our breakup. My friend looked up the significance of dreaming about a deceased pet in his book and found that supposedly it meant that Shelby was trying to warn me of something. If she looked bedraggled then it meant that she had really struggled hard to get the warning to me. I reflected on all this this morning. Samantha had looked healthy and happy in this mornings dream, but something had appeared strange about that one section of her body. Was she trying to warn me of something

An hour later, after several cups of coffee, I left to go jogging. The dream was haunting me a bit, but it felt good to be outside jogging and listening to music. Within a mile or two I happened to notice an older Cadillac with fancy rims and darktinted windows passing by at a high rate of speed. Later on I slowed down and started walking because I was tired. Shortly after that a heavily tattooed, shirtless man rounded a corner and began running towards me. He did not look like a typical jogger and from a distance I judged him to be a somewhat healthy member of a rock band who was out getting some exercise. Dont know why I thought that, but I did. As he drew closer we nodded at each other and then he paused so he could ask me directions. I looked into his face and saw the unmistakable eyes of an exconvict. His teeth were really bad and all his tattoos had the coloration of jailhouse tattoos. I told him I was just visiting and did not know how to get to the beach that he had mentioned. He asked where I was from and I told him. He looked at my face more closely and then down at the tentsized tshirt I was wearing. He read the logos on my shirt and told me I was beautiful. I smiled and turned to go. He extended his hand and introduced himself. I wiped off my sweaty palm on my shirt, shook his hand, and told him my name. The coolness of his hand and the relaxed confidence of his handshake struck me. He wanted to keep talking, but I turned to go.

I walked away and then noticed the old Cadillac with black windows parked a short distance away. Obviously it belonged to the man I had just encountered. I kept thinking about him as I trudged down the road. Then I saw the Cadillac pass me. And then it passed me again. And again. He did a slow driveby the next time and stared at me. I smiled politely and nodded at him. My experience with exconvicts has taught me to always remain courteous with them until they give you a solid reason to react with anger. Some of them are volatile enough to become violent over any type of perceived transgression and some of them are selfdestructive enough that they dont care if they end up back in prison or not. Others of them are really cool people. This tattooed man had so far not done anything beyond flirting with me even if he was doing it in a creepy, aggressive manner. I kept on walking, intending to head towards a busier street. The Cadillac reappeared before I could do so. This time he drove onto the wrong side of the street where I was walking, coming scarily close to me with the front of his car. His window was rolled down about halfway and he kept telling me I was beautiful and asking me to come closer to his car. I knew that he might purposely hit me with the Caddy so I giggled n a friendly, halfjoking manner and said

I walked more quickly as I said this, but I kept smiling. In the past I have defused similar situations by not reacting with fear or hatred or outrage at the obvious threat looming in front of me. It saved me because it gave my deranged, wouldbe assailant an opportunity to change his course of action without feeling that he had been punked by a woman. Hopefully this dude would abandon his attempts to intimidate me and just drive off. For the moment he kept driving closer to my legs and I just continued walking as he encouraged me to approach his window. I knew that he was probably fondling himself and wanted me to see him do it. Finally he veered the car towards me at an angle so it ended up blocking the path in front of me. I stopped and looked right at him. He was reaching with both hands to pick up something that was concealed next to his seat. I knew he was about to pull out a gun and I said or did I shout No and began running up on somebodys front lawn to get away from him. I was running for my life and I heard a car accelerate behind me. I looked over my shoulder to see if he was about to run me down with the Cadillac. At that moment I realized that a minivan had turned the corner and its engine was the one that I had heard. In the same instant I locked eyes with the tattooed man and he raised his hands off the steering wheel and mouthed the words okay, okay at me through the windshield to indicate that he would stop pursuing me. I continued running in the direction of a busy street and willed myself to calm down. A few minutes later I was still filled with adrenaline but telling myself that everything was fine because it was. I ran down the sidewalk and passed a bench full of people who were waiting for a bus. I noticed that all three of them quickly retracted their legs as I went by. In reality I had not been close enough to trip over their legs, but they must have sensed some weird type of emotional energy coming off me.

I arrived back at my hotel and took a shower. That mans handshake had been so cool and so confident. I lathered up my body and stayed underneath the spray of hot water for a long time.

Still no WiFi access in my room so Ive got my laptop down here in the lobby. Spring Break is in full swing here in South Florida. My hotel is booked to capacity. At the moment I am the only person who is fully dressed and typing on a computer. That will change momentarily, but I just wanted to say hello to all of you members. Hope everyone is having a nice week

I still cannot enter the members area because I cannot access the Internet from my hotel room. The only place I can get online is in the lobby. Normally I post every day on the members bulletin board but I cant really pull that up on the computer when there are so many people around. Fortunately there is a back door entrance into this blog so I can write stuff here without naked photos popping up on my computer screen.

Turns out that it is the collegiate Spring Break time of year. I had not considered that when I booked my trip. Fortunately I have no problem being around drunken teenagers in bikinis

Well, I better get back out to the beach. Hope all you members had a fun St. Patricks Day and are doing well. I didnt do anything special yesterday since no one else around here did either. As you might expect there does not seem to be a large Irish population here in South Florida.

I am sitting in the lobby of a hotel in Miami. The WiFi in my room is not working so I cant enter the members area of the site right now. There are too many passersby in this part of the hotel and, as all members know, there are naked photos surrounding the bulletin board where I normally post my daily greetings. So for the moment I will just Hello on this blog. Miami is beautiful. I walked for hours on the beach and now Im really sore and my eyes are starting to close. Tomorrow I will find a more private WiFi spot so I can get back on the members bulletin board.Hope everyone is doing well Free Web Cam hot Shot - Free Live Sex Webcams Free Live Cams f3bddb21f

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Blonde, bodacious Harmony Bliss toils in a medical office by day so she can steal stashes of drugs and inject them into innocent captives. No one at her day job realizes that seemingly guileless Harmony morphs into the nefarious Catwoman as soon as darkness falls. At night she prowls the streets to abduct men and women by drugging them and carrying their limp bodies back to her sex dungeon. Her victims awake to unimaginable horror as they discover that they are chained to cold, stone walls in the midst of a crowd of masked strangers. Southern superheroine Ms. Confederate has been stalking Catwoman so she can put an end to her appalling criminal behavior. Their showdown takes place at a beautiful mansion in Malibu, California. It turns out that Catwoman has a sneaky trick of smearing a powerful opiate all over her ample cleavage. Will Ms. Confederate be able to break free of this morphinelaced boob smother

Duncan has established a reputation around the greater Los Angeles area. It seems that he lives with his parents in order to have enough money to make the payments on his brand new Mercedes. He likes people to see him wheeling into the parking lots of trendy clubs and fancy restaurants in his flashy vehicle. It helps him attract women. Duncan only looks for one night stands. If he dated a woman twice she might find out about his living arrangements and wonder why he has no job except his paper route. Duncan has been delivering the morning newspaper in his neighborhood since he turned nine years old. Most of the regulars frequenting the local nightclub scene know about that so Duncan targets ladies from out of town.

On one unseasonably warm November evening Duncan comes careening into the driveway of Dennys VIP club at a high rate of speed. He decelerates quickly as a fetching redhead catches his eye. His tires screech on the pavement as he slams on the brakes. The commotion catches the attention of the redhaired beauty who favors him with a glance before disappearing into the club. Duncan chases her inside because he has never seen her before. She doesnt know about his paper route or the bunk bed that he has slept in for his entire lifetime and hes hoping that he can get her drunk, lure her out to his Mercedes, and bang her in the back seat.

It turns out that the redheads name is Shannon. She seems interested in Duncan and his excitement builds as they keep talking. Within a few minutes Shannon invites him to her home. Although surprised Duncan enthusiastically agrees to join her. Vague warning bells are going off in his blond head, but Duncan ignores them. After all, he thinks to himself, what can some dumb broad do to him that he cant handle He chuckles inwardly and then escorts Shannon outside, enjoying the envying glances of other men in the club. A few of them notice that hes flashing a thumbsup signal at them behind her back. Everyone wonders how the alluring redhead can even tolerate his company.

A mere ten minutes later Duncan and Shannon arrive at her home. Duncan is already unzipping his fly when Shannon seizes control of the situation in a totally unexpected manner..

How did Shannon manage to overpower and completely dominate Duncan Is Duncan able to survive the brutal facesittingsmothering torture that ensues Buy Smothered by Shannon at my Custom Video Theatre to find out all the answers now

Dr. Freudenia, played by Francesca Le, runs a successful psychiatric practice catering to superheroines. Her patients suffer from a variety of mental disturbances, many of them caused by post traumatic stress disorder. Superheroine Terra Danyell seeks out the expertise of Dr. Freudenia because she is haunted by memories of beatings she suffered at the hands of villainness Lynx played by Stacy Burke. Lynx had tortured Terra with several different episodes of extreme bellypunching brutality. Oddly, Terra feels intense pangs of arousal when she reflects on the belly punches. She desperately needs the services of Dr. Freudenia to cure her of her inappropriate, lustfilled thoughts. Unbeknownst to the fairhaired superheroine Dr. Freudenia utilizes some extremely unorthodox methods of treatment. Often the crafty doctor forces her patients to subject themselves yet again to the very torment that caused their emotional trauma.

A computer generated image of Dr. Freudenia appears here. You can see the true Dr. Freudenia in the flesh by buying episodes and of The Adventures of Terra Danyell at my Custom Video Theatre

At the moment I am locked out of the members area, probably because I used my password at home and then again a few hours later after I flew to Vegas. The system banned me because I appeared to be someone who was sharing my user info with a friend. Im busted by my own security.

Anyways, I just wanted to say hello to all members. Ill be back on the board in a few hours. Hopefully some of you will be coming to the Adult Expo also. Summer and I would love to see you

Have I mentioned that Summer and I will be at booth at the upcoming Adult Entertainment Expo from January

Rich bitch Tanya Danielle is waiting for her valet to carry in the new purchases that she made during her shopping expedition. She just hired this new valet, Francesca Le, because her five former valets had either quit or committed suicide in the past year. Tanya sighs with disgust as she waits for Francesca to deposit the boxes and bags onto her bed. She doesnt think Francesca is moving fast enough. It annoys Tanya to no end that she even has to pay the proletariat to serve her. She thinks that they should do it for free. When her servants are not working with enough alacrity Tanya feels entitled to give them a quick shove or a kick in the shins to hasten their progress. At the moment Tanya is gearing up to abuse Francesca but Francesca speedily exits the room after setting Tanyas stuff on the bed. Tanya forgets all about her and begins admiring the new clothing that she had bought. So enrapt is she in her activity that she does not hear Francesca sneaking up behind her. Its too late by the time Francesca grabs her savagely by the arm. Francescas fingers clamp down on Tanyas undeveloped bicep and she hisses these words into Tanyas ear

Were you looking forward to another day of debasing your employees, you stuckup, rich bitch Well, guess what Today is going to be different. Do you know who I am

Do you know who I am Francesca demands again, shoving her face mere millimeters away from Tanyas eyeballs.

Im one of your neighbors you stupid, oblivious cunt and Ive been watching how you treat your staff. Now Im going to teach you a lesson that you will not be able to forget I guarantee that you will never abuse another employee again after Im done with you. Youve been waiting a lifetime for the beatdown Im about to give to you

Turns out that it wasnt just a mere beatdown that Tanya suffered at the hands of her neighbor. Click here for a preview and then join TanyaDanielle. com to see this mindwarping assault in its entirety

I decided to hire a coach because I had turned into a fat, lazy slob. The weight gain had happened gradually as I worked less and less often. Dancing used to keep me in halfway decent shape, but I wasnt doing much of that anymore since most strip clubs had started going sharply downhill in recent years. I dreaded the thought of working in a club amongst women willing to give handjobs to customers for . Consequently, I began sitting home day after day and getting fatter and fatter. Empty wine bottles piled up in my recycle bin. Occasionally I would toss an empty vodka bottle on top of them just to break the monotony. I grew disgusted with myself. Even my neighbor, Mr. Hunter, felt compelled to talk to me about my corpulence.

I know a really good conditioning coach. he said. He works right here in our neighborhood and has access to a wrestling ring. Why dont you give him a call to see if he can put you through some workouts His name is Duncan and here is his number.

I pondered the idea for a few days before I finally decided to call Duncan. He and I spoke for a while on the phone and I explained my predicament. I told him everything, all the sickening details of my slothful existence.

Will I need to stop drinking to get in shape I asked him after I finished spilling out my tale of woe.


Important Tips to Protect Your Kids When They are Online

There are horrifying stories that we have all heard about regarding what can happen to children online like cyber-bullying and online predators.


On the one hand, the media tends to focus on bad news and often makes such things seem more common than they really are. On the other hand, there are definitely things you should be careful about when it comes to your kids and online safety. We are going to look at some tips in this article to keep your kids as safe as possible when they are online.


Always keep in mind that your child can get on the internet from places other than your home. Since your children will be accessing computers other than your own house, monitoring what they do won't be easy. Your children obviously will have friends that have internet access at their homes, and their parents may not be as concerned about protection as you are, so they may be unsupervised. Supervising children is what schools are supposed to be doing, but it wouldn't hurt to know their policy of supervision when it comes to using the computers.


Making your children feel safe and secure takes a balanced effort. If you're overprotective, or try to limit their activities too much, they may just look for ways to get around your supervision. Instead of focusing on preventing the bad, it would be better for you and your children if you spent your time stressing the good places on the internet. It is not possible to watch your children every minute of the day, so don't expect it online either. You can't know everything that your child is doing offline, so you won't be able to know everything that they do online either. Becoming a victim is what a lot of the internet is about, so teach your children not to let it happen to them.


If you connect with your child online then you will be able to keep track of what they are doing. If your child knows more than you about the internet then maybe you should learn the ropes. You should join the same social networks and online services that your child uses and add them as a friend. Use the internet as another way to stay in touch, you do not need to do it in a heavy-handed manner.


Instant messages and emails are something you should send every so often. This will help you and your child stay in the same universe.

Try to Not Do These Things If You Want To Make Money Online

The Internet is filled with articles with tips on the things you should do if you would like to make more money online. There are not as many articles that will tell you what you ought NOT to do if you want to up your earning potential on the Internet. The truth is that it is just as vital to learn what things you need to avoid doing as to learn what things you should be trying like crazy to do. Learning from the mistakes of other individuals can save you a great deal of time and energy. Here are several things that you must avoid doing.



Don't let covetousness and lust gain control of you. You are going to see all types of affiliate offers promoted on sites that show off pics of luxury cars, mansions and gorgeous people claiming that they made billions of dollars almost overnight using the exact same software that they are trying to sell to you. Try to keep your head about you and do some research before you push the "buy" button. You should do this research on any product being so boldly sold to you offline. See to it that you practice this precaution online too.


Avoid trying to do too much too rapidly. Get started small and test things out. Try using these smaller opportunities to learn what you need to be doing and not doing as you grow. For example, get going with one easily salable affiliate product. Do not attempt to create your very own product or affiliate program right away out of the gate. Put up your own blog before you begin a fully blown subscription based webzine. This way you can have a taste for each project without worrying about getting in too deep and knowing that you genuinely hate the brand of IM that you have picked.


There are numerous opportunities to procrastinate when you work from home. Try to not let these opportunities get the better of you! If you honestly think better while working on your laptop computer from the easy chair with the television on for background noise, that's completely okay. If you observe, though, that you spend more time watching TV shows than doing work, beware. You ought to set up actual space in your place and devote a specific amount of time to work inside of that space just like you would if you had a traditional day job. It's really vital that you don't let all of the things that used to take up your time on the weekends take up your time when you're establishing your business. It's hard to do this in the beginning but if you work hard and consistently you can train your body and mind to push aside the distractions that exist when you work at home.


There are all kinds of errors that individuals who are new to online marketing make. These are a few of the most serious. Learn from the mistakes of other IMers and let that knowledge carry you ahead of all of the other newbies with whom you are in competition. Besides, you need all the help you can manage to get!